VT Maple Items

Vermont is known for it's quality maple and our producers go out of their way to make the best maple syrup inspired products. From tins and jugs to candy and specialty products, we're your best stop for the sweetness you need.

Maple Grades ExplainedMaple Syrup Grades

Grade A Golden with Delicate Taste (Formerly Fancy Grade).  Light golden color with a mild, delicate taste. Excellent as a table syrup or over ice cream or yogurt.

Grade A Amber with Rich Taste (Formerly Medium Amber Grade). Medium amber color and a more pronounced maple flavor makes it very desirable for pancakes, waffles, french toast and cereals. A great all-purpose syrup.

Grade A Dark with Robust Taste (Formerly Dark Amber Grade). Dark amber color and robust flavor, slightly enhanced by sweet caramel taste makes it an excellent choice for any of the above uses or as a flavoring in preparing many recipes.

Grade A Very Dark with Strong Taste (Formerly Grade B). This syrup has a strong flavor that translates well to cooking, where the maple flavor will carry through to the finished dish.

Storage Tips: Always refrigerate after opening. To preserve maple’s fresh flavor and prevent crystallization, it can be frozen. Freeze and thaw any number of times, just thaw completely, mixing in any condensation on the top before use.